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Whispering Canyon Café

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Whispering CanyonWhispering Canyon Café is a great sit-down restaurant to which you can take the whole family. It is located in the open lobby of the beautiful Wilderness Lodge. They offer family-style, all-you-care-to-enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or you also have the option of ordering just an entrée off the menu.

If you are looking for a good meal in a quiet and peaceful setting, this is not the place for you. The servers and staff make this an exciting and interactive dining experience. You may encounter your table filling up with more bottles of ketchup than you could use in a lifetime, buckets of crayons appearing full of every color you would ever need (even if you do not have little ones with you), and young children riding around the dining room on stick horses without scolding. If you are lucky enough to celebrate here on your birthday, the staff may gather around to wish you a happy birthday and then eat the cake they brought you, leaving you empty-handed.

Whispering Canyon Adults, as my daughter found out, beware yourselves! At the time of her Café experience, she was in her mid-twenties. Everyone in the family ordered an entrée from the menu except her; she ordered the all-you-can-eat family-style meal. During the meal she would ask the waiter to bring her a new item to try only to end up taking one or two bites and leaving the rest. When the waiter was clearing the plates to serve our dessert, I pointed out to him how she made him keep running only to take a few bites of everything. Señor Dusty Trails, as he called himself, assured me not to worry; he had the matter under control.

Upon his return to the table we noticed he was carrying one of the stick horses intended for children to ride. He stood next to my daughter and, in a very loud voice, asked for the attention of everyone in the restaurant. He regaled the guests with the tale of how my daughter had made him run around all night, only to leave most of her meal on her plate. For her punishment he announced to all within earshot that she was to ride the stick horse once around the restaurant proclaiming, “Señor Dusty Trails is the greatest!” The look on her face was priceless. My daughter, being the good sport she is, went along with it, galloping around the restaurant yelling, “Señor Dusty Trails is the greatest!” until she was out of breath. We were having such a good time watching this hilarity that about halfway through her lap around, I told our pal Dusty that there would be a really nice tip for him if he made her do it again.

Upon my daughter’s arrival back at the table, Señor Dusty Trails again called for all’s attention to announce that he was Whispering Canyon unable to hear her proclaim how great he was the first time around. So he ordered her to complete one more lap but with more gusto and volume! The look on her face was a perfect tribute to the fun we were having. To our amusement, she galloped around the restaurant yet again, hoping to better satisfy the critical eye and ear of Señor Dusty Trails.

After completing the home stretch of her second lap, Dusty took her noble steed and dangled it on the back of a gentleman’s chair that was sitting near us, the horse’s watchful eye aimed towards the guest. Señor Trails warned the man that he would be next if he didn’t start treating Dusty better. Señor Dusty Trails was very happy with his tip, and for us… it was an experience our family will never forget!


  1. We had a blast at this restaurant and my son got a similar kind of response when he asked for more KETCHUP!

  2. I hope you have pictures and videos to torment your daughter with for years to come! 🙂

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